Dear Homeowner         

 In today's competitive market-place, your home needs to have an "edge" over other homes for sale in your area & price point, in order to ultimately attract a committed purchaser. It is for this specific reason the Stacy Esser Group offers Complimentary Home Staging!

  • Two important keys to a successful sale are pricing & condition (or how it shows). A buyer's positive perception of your house is crucial. Contrary to public opinion, buyers do not visualize themselves living in your house.  Buyers know only what they see NOT the way it will be.

  • In addition, your house must measure competitively against all others in your price range.  When the market is hot you have 5-10 day window to secure an offer before your property becomes stale dated. Those crucial two weeks when your house hits the MLS® system will produce the most activity and interest. Our goal is to capitalize on the initial excitement phase that your house brings to the marketplace - because this is when you are most likely to get your best offer.

  • Our specialty & expertise is transforming a seller's property into a chic "model home," creating an open and impressive space to help a buyer make an offer. We specialize in using what you have to showcase the space however we can supplement your belongings with rental inventory if desired. We are able to provide all the accessories and furniture required to achieve a desired result which will appeal to a broad array of potential buyers.


Staging your property is the only measurable marketing service you can do to secure the equity you have in your property